How will the colours turn out on my Metal Print?

The colours on an HD Metal Print will remain true to your original image because we print the image directly onto the Metal Panel, there are many variables that may cause a slight alteration in colour. Both our matte and glossy metal panels have an ultra white whitepoint but please note that this whitepoint will


How long do metal prints last?

Our dye sublimated metal prints are designed to last anywhere from 40 – 100 years depending on where they are mounted, climate conditions and the level of care given to them.


Do you frame metal prints?

Yes we do. We can frame our metal prints with either aluminum or wood picture frame mouldings.  The aluminum frames are available in black or silver and fits securely around the edges of the panel. The wood floater frames are available in black and white. The metal prints are positioned within the frame to give


Can you hang metal prints outside?

Our metal prints are dye sublimated. Mounting them outdoors is totally fine, although if they are situated in direct sunlight all the time. Noticeable fading may occur over time.  The aluminum panels are waterproof and will withstand harsh climate conditions.


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