How does Aspect Ratios & Image cropping work?

We offer an extensive range of print sizes that use common aspect ratios. To avoid excessive cropping of your photo, ensure you are selecting a size that matches your image’s aspect ratio.  This helpful guide below provides a visual reference of the difference aspect ratios. 1:1 (SQUARE) Example: 10 x 10 3:4 DIGITAL CAMERA Example:


Which File types & Sizes do you accept?

File type – We accept PDF, TIF and JPG file formats.   File size – The maximize file size we accept is 100MB. This is more than adequate for any high-resolution image to be printed on the sizes we offer.


Do you adjust or enhance my image prior to print?

Depending on which custom photo product you are ordering, you will be presented with different photo customizing and enhancement options within the editor. Once your order is submitted to us, the image files will go through a quick enhancement process. This process optimize and adjust your image’s levels, brightness, contrast, vibrancy and sharpness if necessary.


Will the prints match the colours on my screen?

It is important to understand that the colours depicted in the online previews will vary somewhat from the actual printed product and we cannot guarantee it will match your screen. Here are the reasons why…. Backlighting – When you view your images on electronic devices (computer monitor, smartphone, tablet, etc.), they have illuminated displays. The


Where do I see a proof of my print?

Our online photo editor provides a quick and easy method of cropping, adjusting, and customizing your photos for all customizable photo products. Upon approving your project and placing your order, a print ready file will be generated and adding to the queue for printing.


Can I add Text to my Photo?

Our online design tool allows you to add stylized text to your photos within the print boundaries. We offer numerous font styles, colours, and sizes. If you need to add elaborate text or word art designs to your custom photo prints, contact us for graphic design support.


Is the Photo quality good enough for print?

Our designer tool performs a resolution check on each image uploaded. The quality assessment is calculated based on the number of pixels within the image along with the chosen print size. If the photo does not meet the minimum print quality requirements, a warning will display in the design tool to inform you of this.


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