How far apart do I hang each panel?

To provide the best visual appearance, we generally recommend hanging each canvas panel 2 inches apart to ensure the elements within the photo are properly aligned.  Depending on the nature of the photo, increasing the panel spacing may not have a negative visual effect.


Can I add Text to my Canvas Photo Split?

Our online design tool allows you to add stylized text to your photos in numerous font styles, colours, and sizes. However, we have disabled this feature temporarily for the split canvas prints. If you would like to add custom text to your canvas print, please contact us for graphic design support.


Will I see a preview of my split panel before printing?

Upon clicking the “Create Canvas Split” button, you will have to select your desired split panel size and layout. The designer tool will launch and from there you can upload your photo and see a live preview of how your photo splits across the canvas panels. Once you are happy with positioning of the image,


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