With a simple modern and classic design, the white color block vase is both sophisticated and versatile. Its white solid color block adds a refined touch while hiding the bottom of the stems and complementing a fresh bouquet of greenery or flowers.  A great statement piece on any table or console.

Product Details


Dimensions:  8 L  x 8 W x 8.5″ H

Care: Hand wash all glass with care or wipe with a soft, damp cotton cloth. We recommend that you do not use any liquid cleaning cleansers. Simply wipe glass with a damp cloth. Do not soak or leave in standing.

The shape, size and surface area of this product may vary slightly from the pictures show due to the differences in grooves, dips and bubbles that normally occur in natural and recycled materials. These identifiers are unique to each product and help to authenticate each item as one-of-a-kind.