5 Reasons You’ll Love Our Metal Prints

So you have a great image that you’re ready to transform into a piece of artwork but you’re not quite sure which style of print to go with.

Let’s talk about all the reasons you’re going to fall in love with our metal prints!

  1. They have a luxe, high-end aesthetic that’s hard to beat

    If you’ve seen one of our metal prints in real life – either up close or from afar – you know exactly what I’m talking about. These prints catch your attention from a mile away. First of all, they’re made in an incredibly interesting way. Metal prints, also known as metallic prints, are high-definition art pieces made through a process called dye sublimation.

    Long story short, we embed your image directly into high-quality aluminum panels. The result is a luxurious, premium print that’ll garner a LOT of attention, wherever you decide to display it!

Photo printed on brushed aluminum print by Canvas n Decor Canada
Metal photo print of vintage car
Brushed metal photo with float mount hanger
  1. We offer two distinctly different metal print finishes

    So, depending on the aesthetic of the space your decorating, the same image can have a distinctly different (and equally attractive) vibe depending on the metal print finish you choose.

High-definition gloss metal prints

Our HD metal prints have a high-gloss coating that enhances the vibrancy and optical clarity of your photography.

Brushed metal prints

Our brushed metal prints have excellent vibrancy and provide more of a natural metallic appearance to your photography.


As you can see in this side-by-side, the brushed metal finish has a softer, slightly more subdued look in comparison to the high-definition gloss.

Custom HD metal print
High Definition Gloss Metal
Custom brushed metal print
Brushed Metal
Chromaluxe HD metal print with pet photo
Pet art printed on gloss metal print
  1. Metal prints look great in colour or black and white

    I think we can all agree – this pooch looks pawsitively adorable in her little pink car!

    But no need to fret – if you shot your image in black and white, it’ll look equally stunning when printed on metal.

    While full colour photos look rich and vibrant and take advantage of the wide colour gamut, HD black and white or grayscale metal prints look equally as showstopping.

  1. Sizes? Displays? We’ve got options

    Metal prints begin as small as 4 by 6 and go as large as 30 by 40.

    And while we’re always inclined to recommend a metal gallery wall display (um, look at this one – isn’t it incredible?!), we offer a variety of display options including:

  • Easel back: great to prop smaller pieces on tabletops, like your office desk or console table
  • Float mount: no need for a frame; your art will literally look like it’s floating on your wall
  • Chrome stand offs: suspend your metal prints from the wall with stylish chrome stand-offs
  • Frames: we can position your metal prints within either an aluminum or a wood picture frame to give the impression that it’s floating
Custom metal photo wall art displays
Closeup of Brushed aluminum panel
  1. Metal prints are made to last – a long (longgggg) time

    I think most of us have a few worn photographs tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

    Thankfully, metal prints are made to wear much better – anywhere from 40 to 100 years, depending on where they’re mounted and how well they’re cared for.

    They’re also scratch-resistant, waterproof and will withstand harsh climate conditions – so feel free to display your new artwork outside (yes, you read that right)!

We hope you’re now in love with metal frames as much as we are! If you have any questions or want some more details about bringing your image to life as a metal frame, give us a call at 1-855-867-1894 or shoot us an email at [email protected]