How to Apply Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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Congratulations: you’ve decided to turn your walls from drab to fab!

Congratulations: you’ve decided to turn your walls from drab to fab! Here’s everything you need to know to apply your Canvas n’ Decor peel and stick wallpaper with ease.

  1. Grab the tools you’ll need

    While it’s possible to apply peel and stick wallpaper solo, the task will be much easier (and go faster) if you have a second set of hands. You’ll also need a:
    -Tape measure
    -Steel ruler or straight edge
    -Level or plumb bob
    -Plastic smoother
    -Razor Knife (with a sharp blade)
    -Step ladder or step stool

Gathering tools for installing adhesive wallpaper
Getting walls prepared for applying wallpaper panels
  1. Prepare your walls

    For best results, apply your removable wallpaper to a clean, dry, smooth surface.

    If needed, patch any large dents and sand any noticeable bumps or texture until smooth.

    Turn off your breaker and remove all faceplates and socket covers.

    Wipe your walls to remove any dust or dirt. If possible, use warm water only. If soap or a chemical cleaner is needed, ensure there’s no residue left behind. Allow your walls to fully dry.

    If your walls are freshly painted, wait at least 30 days until the paint is fully cured before applying removable wallpaper (or longer, if recommended by the paint manufacturer.)

  1. Lay out your wallpaper

    Unroll your wallpaper and separate the panels.

    Our wallpapers are repeating patterns and can be installed in any order. However, you’ll want to ensure you know which side is the top and which is the bottom.

    You may find it helpful to mark “T” for top on the removable plastic backing of each strip.

    If needed, revisit your wallpaper product page for a reference photo of your completed design.

Laying out wallpaper panel designs
Measuring walls and marking lines for applying adhesive wallpaper
  1. Mark a plumb line

    All Canvas n’ Decor wallpapers are 23.5 inches wide.

    If you’re wallpapering a regular space, use your pencil and plumb bob or level to draw a straight, vertical line 23.5 inches from the left-hand side of your wall.

    If you’re wallpapering a feature wall, you’ll want to ensure symmetry. Therefore, use your pencil and plumb bob or level to draw a straight, vertical line down the centre of your wall.

    This line will act as a guide for applying your first strip. It’s essential for it to be straight.

  1. Apply your first panel

    Peel about 12 inches of the plastic backing away from the wallpaper.

    Position the panel high enough to overlap the ceiling line by about two inches (you’ll trim off this excess later).

    With your helper’s assistance, align the right side of your strip to your plumb line. You can reposition if needed to ensure a straight seam. Once aligned, press the wallpaper against the wall and slowly peel and stick the full panel down the wall, from top to bottom, ensuring it’s straight against your plumb line and removing the plastic backing as your go.

    For best results, have one person guide the paper at the top and along the seam, while another holds the opposite edge away from the wall until the seams are lined up.

    Using a plastic smoother, work your way down the panel in a back and forth motion, getting rid of any air bubbles, creating an even look and ensuring optimal adhesion.

    Then, trim excess material at the ceiling and baseboard with a straight edge and razor knife. Make sure the knife’s sharp to ensure a clean cut.

Applying first peel and stick wallpaper print to wall
Installing remainder of printed wallpaper panels to walls in room
  1. Repeat the process from step 5

  2. Enjoy!

    You did it – your walls went from drab to fab! Pat yourself (and your helper) on the back and take in the beauty of your stunning new Canvas n’ Decor peel and stick wallpaper!