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If your walls could talk, they’d tell you it’s time to dress them up in some wallpaper!

Lucky for you, transforming your walls from drab to fab has never been easier thanks to our peel and stick wallpaper. It’s a home decor dream come true!

Made in Canada, our thick, luxurious wall fabric has the look and feel of traditional wallpaper… with none of the mess! No need for glue, paste or rollers – you simply peel and stick our panels right onto your walls!

Best of all, our wallpaper is coated with a repositionable adhesive that allows you to remove the panels – minutes, days or years later – without causing any harm to your walls or the surface underneath!

Plus, in addition to being high-quality, non-damaging and easily removed, they look gorgeous.

We offer an array of stunning wallpaper designs to appeal to a multitude of tastes and spaces. From sophisticated botanicals and moody florals to simplistic patterns and whimsical nursery artwork, we’re here to give you the flexibility to make a big impact without a big commitment.

Canvas n’ Decor removable wallpaper: transforming a room has never been so easy!

High quality self adhesive peel and stick vinyl wallpaper prints printed in Canada



Our high-quality peel and stick wall fabric has a matte finish. Then, you get to decide the surface finish that best compliments your space: smooth, sand or linen.


The name says it all: applying our peel and stick wallpaper is as simple as peeling it off its plastic backing and smoothing it directly onto your walls. Voila – instant room transformation!


When you’re ready to change up your space, our removable wallpaper panels peel off in one smooth movement. Plus, they come off clean and do not damage walls.


All our wallpaper prints are proudly made in Canada.


Ditch the paint brush. Say goodbye to paste. Toss the roller. With removable wallpaper, it’s as simple as ‘peel and stick’.


Our non-damaging wallpaper is ideal for use in rental homes, apartments, dorms, offices and businesses (don’t worry – you’ll get your damage deposit back)!

Peel and stick wallpaper with floral pattern on wall in child's bedroom


Full disclosure: the hardest part of this process is going to be picking which wallpaper print you want! There are so many good options, including:

  • Sophisticated floral wallpaper prints
  • Bold and modern wallpaper prints
  • Simplistic Scandinavian-style wallpaper prints
  • Whimsical nursery wallpaper prints
  • Dreamy watercolour wallpaper prints
  • Adventurous kid-friendly wallpaper prints


Our removable wallpaper isn’t just for walls! It’s versatile and can be applied on various smooth surfaces, including:

  • Doors – because they’re not just something to walk through
  • Ceilings – for those who have their eyes to the sky
  • Appliances – washing machines and dryers like to dress up, too
  • Mirrors – add something a little fun next to your reflection
  • Furniture – breathe new life into dressers, headboards and nightstands
  • DIY projects – add some wow factor to your trays, plant pots and photo frames
  • Overlooked spaces – spruce up the backs of shelves, inside of drawers and other overlooked spaces that could use a little beautification
Adhesive peel and stick vinyl print with stripe pattern inside drawer




As long as the product is not being directly hit with water, you should have no issue with wallpaper in your bathroom or kitchen.
Our wallpaper comes with a plastic backing that you peel off when applying the removable wallpaper onto your walls. If you’d like to reuse the wallpaper in a different space or for another DIY project after removal, we’d suggest holding onto the plastic backing. It’ll make transferring the wallpaper to a different space more effective. Just keep in mind that different spaces have different dimensions, as well as light switches and electrical plugs in different locations, so it could prove difficult. If you require a product that can easily move between spaces, we’d suggest checking out our wall decal offerings.
Just like we offer custom canvases and artwork, we’re currently working hard to be able to offer you custom wallpaper prints! Check back often – we’ll be launching custom wallpaper printing soon!
No. If removed slowly and carefully, this product should not cause any damage to the wall or leave behind any residue.
They say slow and steady wins the race. The same theory applies to wallpaper removal! Simply expose a top corner of your design and slowly peel it off the wall, straight down (against itself) in a smooth motion. And – voila! – bare walls.
If applied with care and treated kindly, our temporary wallpaper has the potential to last for years! Generally, it can last up to five years.
We’re proud to say Our Canvas n’ Decor peel and stick wallpaper is made in Canada!
If your walls are freshly painted, wait at least 30 days until the paint is fully cured before applying removable wallpaper (or longer, if recommended by the paint manufacturer).
Our peel and stick wallpaper adheres best on clean, dry, smooth surfaces. While walls are a sure bet – don’t be afraid to get creative! Our removable wallpaper is versatile and can be applied on various smooth surfaces – including doors, ceilings, appliances, mirrors and furniture – like dressers, head boards and nightstands. Plus, it can also spruce up the backs of shelves, insides of drawers and can breathe new life into home decor items like trays and pots.
Once your wallpaper is up, it’s quite low maintenance. However, if you need to clean your wallpaper, wipe it gently with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals.
Here at Canvas n’ Decor, we offer a range of stunning prints on wallpaper that’ll transform the look and feel of your walls, including: Floral wallpaper prints Animal wallpaper prints Botanical wallpaper prints Watercolour wallpaper prints Minimalist wallpaper prints Kid-friendly wallpaper prints
View our full guide with everything you need to know, including preparing your walls and applying our easy-to-install panels. You’ll be a peel and stick wallpaper pro in no time!

You can easily calculate how much wallpaper you’ll need for your next project by measuring the width and height of each wall your want to wallpapered. Multiply the W x H to get your total SQ FT.

Here is a breakdown of the SQ FT coverage (per panel) for each size.

Standard Panel Coverage

  • 25″ W x 48″ L – 8.32 sq ft
  • 25″ W x 60″ L – 10.40 sq ft
  • 25″ W x 72″ L – 12.48 sq ft

Large Panel Coverage

  • 25″ W x 84″ L – 14.56 sq ft
  • 25″ W x 96″ L – 16.64 sq ft

X-Large Panel Coverage

  • 25″ W x 108″ L – 18.72 sq ft
  • 25″ W x 120″ L – 20.80 sq ft

So, using the above coverage information. Let’s say you wanted to wallpaper an 8 ft W x 9 ft H (72 sq ft) accent wall. You would require 4 – 108″ (9ft) peel and stick wallpaper rolls.

We’ve got you covered with a simple guide to quickly and easily calculate how much wallpaper you’ll need for your next project!

Peel and stick removable wallpaper is a decorator’s dream come true. It enables you to quickly and easily update your space with the look and feel of traditional wallpaper – and none of the mess. Our peel and stick wallpaper is coated with a repositionable adhesive that allows you to remove the panels – minutes, days or years later – without causing any harm to yours walls or surface underneath!
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