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Metal Wall Displays

Create a collection of metallic photo art for your wallspace

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HD Metal Wall Displays will Breathe Life into your Photography

Custom metal wall art displays are great way to showcase your favourite photo wall art with a classy and artistic flare.

Your photos printed onto aluminum panels using a dye sublimation process to create high-definition metallic photo prints. Our creative design layouts help you create beautiful and vibrant photo art clusters which surely will attract a lot of attention.

Every photo has a story to tell. Photo wall displays are fantastic for sharing your storyboards and symbolizes specific memorable experiences throughout your life.

Our metallic photo displays are available in two finishes depending on the décor project requirements. We have a HD High Gloss and a Brushed Aluminum. Both finishes look amazing but create distinctively different results.

  • Display Sizes: 10” x 10” photo tiles to large 54” x 30” layouts
  • Finish: HD gloss / brushed aluminum
  • Material: ChromaLuxe aluminum
  • Production Time: 5 business days on average
Wall art display of photos printed on HD aluminum

Get Creative with our Photo Tiles & Metallic Wall Display Designs

Why our Metal Wall Displays are Loved so much?

  • Fade Resistant

    Our metal wall displays are designed to last a lifetime.
    They will not yellow over time and will withstand harsh environmental changes.

  • Sleek Design

    Sublimated Metal prints give your décor and wall spaces a stylish twist. These metallic prints look amazing framed, frameless, with a back floating frame or chrome wall stand-offs.

  • Scratch Resistant

    We infuse your images deep into metal panel coating. This provides permanent protection to the image transfers and promotes longevity. The metal print’s coating is resistant to most scratches and abrasions.

  • Easy to Clean

    HD Aluminum panels are waterproof, easy to clean and disinfect. They can be cleaned with ammonia or any all-purpose cleaners along with non-abrasive cloth.

  • Easy to Install

    All metal prints come ready to hang out of box! 

    They are very lightweight, so handling and wall mounting them is a breeze. 

  • Brilliant Colors

    Both our HD & Brushed Metal Photo Prints feature stunningly vibrant colors, deep contrast and high definition detail.

    Photos on metal inherently look bolder, sharper and the luminescence is breathtaking.

Hanging & Display Options for your Metal Wall Art

Metal photo display with float mount frame

Float Mount

The metal photo print is mounted flush to wall without a frame and has a floating effect

metal wall display prints with chrome wall stand-offs

Chrome Stand-Offs

Metal panels are suspended from the wall with stylish chrome stand-offs.

Finishing Options for your Metal Photo Art

Canadian Royal Mint photo printed on gloss hd metal print

High-definition Gloss Metal

HD Metal has a high gloss coating which enhances the vibrancy and optical clarity of your photography

Canadian Mint photo on brushed metal print

Brushed Metal

Brushed Metal has excellent vibrancy and provides more of a natural metallic appearance to your photography.

Metal Wall Display Sizes & Prices

– Price per display/set is base on Float Mount.
– Chrome stand off is an accessory and it is additional per set as per price below.

Size Price
32×32 – (9-10×10) $207.99
41×41 – (4-20×20) $280.99
Size Price
35×14 – (3-11×14) $75.99
50×20 – (3-16×20) $137.99
Size Price
41×30 – (4-8×10 & 2-11×14) $149.99
54×30 – (2-16×20 & 1-20×30) $179.99
44×29 – (2-8×10 & 4-11×14) $149.99

Canada’s #1 Source for Metal Photo Displays

High Quality Dye Sublimation on Metal

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Find out more about our Metal Wall Art Displays

How will the colours turn out on my Metal Photo Displays?2021-03-05T11:05:37-05:00
The colours on an HD Metal Print will remain true to your original image. The aluminum panels feature a brilliant gloss finish and has an ultra-bright white point so your printed images pop.  Whether we turn your photography into a full colour or black and white Metal Photo Print, the result is fabulous, luxurious, and stunning. We are confident you will be thrilled with them.
Can I add Text to my Metal Photo?2021-03-05T11:06:08-05:00
Our online design tool allows you to add stylized text in numerous font styles, colours, and sizes to each photo print in your wall display.
Is the metal printing done in Canada?2021-03-05T11:06:39-05:00
All our prints on metal and finishing are done here in Canada at our facility.
How long do your Metal Photo Prints last?2021-03-05T11:07:18-05:00
Our dye sublimated metal prints are designed to last anywhere from 40 – 100 years depending on where they are displayed (indoors or outdoors), climate conditions and the level of care given to them.
Can I hang my Metal Photos outside?2021-03-05T11:07:58-05:00
Our metal prints are dye sublimated. This means mounting them outdoors is totally fine, although if they are situated in direct sunlight all the time. Noticeable fading may occur over time.  The aluminum panels are waterproof and will withstand harsh climate conditions.
Are the edges of the metal photos sharp?2021-03-05T11:09:15-05:00
No, the aluminum panels precision cut and have smooth machined edges. The corners are rounded which makes handling safe and easy.
How do I clean my Prints?2021-03-05T11:10:54-05:00
To keep your HD prints looking stunning all year round.  We recommend the following: Wiping: Use a clean and dry, microfiber cloth and bottle of Invisible glass spray Dusting: Gently dust away debris with a Swiffer wand.
Can I order a custom print sizes for my metal pictures?2021-03-05T11:11:35-05:00
We offer several popular metal print sizes on our website. We do not provide custom sizes currently.
Can I order thicker metal panels?2021-03-05T11:12:32-05:00
Our standard aluminum panel thickness is 0.045 inches / 1.12mm. We do not offer thicker versions currently.

Other Popular Custom Metal Printing Options

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