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Unstretched Rolled Canvas Prints

Buy the Best Quality Canvas Prints in Canada at the Cheapest Price!

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High Quality Rolled Prints for DIY Stretching

If you are comfortable stretching canvas prints on your own. Ordering our rolled canvas prints has several benefits:

  • High-quality printing and canvas material unlike other shops.
  • Less expensive option than having us stretch your canvas prints for you.
  • Gives you the flexibility to stretch & wrap your prints with your unique style.
  • Easy to transport if buying as a gift while traveling.

We offer standard sizes ranging from 8″ x 8″ up to 44″ x 90″. If you require a custom size, contact us for a quote.

Canvas n’ Decor prints countless of unstretched canvases for professional framers, photographers, interior designers and homemakers for their DIY projects.

photo printed on unstretched canvas print by Canvas n Decor Canada

 Our Rolled Canvas Prints are the best in Canada for a Reason

Edge Wrap


A Perfect Print Bleed

Rolled photo prints are produced with either a 3/4 inch and 1 1/2 inch bleed, depending on which wrap thickness option you choose. 

The bleed area will contain a portion of the image or a solid color border color. This is dependent upon which edge wrap option you select.

Damage-Free Shipping

Heavy Duty Shipping Tube

Your rolled canvas prints are rolled and shipped in heavy duty shipping tubes. This prevents your prints from getting creased or damaged otherwise during transit.

Perfect Canvas Stretching

Added Material for Stretching

We produce our rolled prints with a minimum or 1-2 inch of extra material (in addition to the bleed area) which allows for easy gripping for stretching.

Superb Canvas Material

High Quality Canvas

Printing your photos on canvas using the best quality canvas material is essential. 

We use a superior quality 380 gsm poly/cotton canvas material which is made in Canada.

It has a stunning matte/low lustre finish to prevent glare and a fine weave to create sharp images. Our canvas is unique and authentic unlike other shops—the best canvas in Canada.

Amazing Print Quality

A Canvas Print to be proud of

We print photos to canvas at the highest resolution to output exceptional image clarity, vibrancy and capture all of the fine detail of your images. 

We want you to be proud when you put your canvas art on display.

Canvas Art Protection

Canvas Art Protection

We protect our canvas photo prints with an ArtShield UV laminate. 

This protects your canvas from scratches, fading and makes it easier to clean. 

In accelerated tests conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., the combination of our canvas, ink and UV laminate resulted in our Canvas Prints lasting 200 years.

Rolled Photo Print Edge Wrapping

Classic Edge Wrap

This is the most common choice for custom canvas photo art.

We print your photo on canvas so the entire image wraps around the edges of the canvas frame.

The composition of your photo is not entirely preserved on the front side of the canvas and some elements of the photo will wrap over the sides. If you select this option, please ensure the desired photo elements are not positioned too close to the edge.

White & Black Edge Wrap

Canvas art printed with black or white edges have a clean, frame-like look.

Your image remains fully intact on the front side of the canvas print. We apply either a solid black or white border along the outer edges of the photo.

Once wrapped over the frame, only the image shows on the front of the canvas, and the solid coloured border wraps and shows along the sides of the print.

Custom Coloured Edge Wrap

Custom coloured edges are applied to your canvas prints in the exact same manner as the white and black edge wrap option, only we apply a custom colour of your choice.

If you need to match your wall paint or accentuate your decor style, this is a great option.

You can choose a predefined colour in our online canvas designer or contact us to help you create a custom canvas print.

Need to Customize your Rolled Canvas Prints?

Customize your rolled canvas photo prints online with ease using our powerful designer. 

We put in your charge of personalizing each piece of canvas wall art so that it fits your decor styling project.

You design, we produce the best canvas photo prints for you in Canada at discounted prices.

Custom Canvas Photo Editing Features

  • Stunning photo realistic previews
  • Photo effects
  • Border & frame effects
  • Add clip art & backgrounds
  • Accurate crop & image resizing
  • Custom text & unlimited fonts
  • Custom photo layouts
  • Photo collage builder
    and so much more!


Size Price
8×8 14.99
10×10 18.99
12×12 19.99
16×16 23.99
20×20 26.99
24×24 30.99
28×28 48.99
36×36 86.99
Size Price
8×10 14.99
11×14 17.99
12×18 18.99
16×20 20.99
16×24 22.99
20×30 25.99
24×32 27.99
24×36 37.99
28×40 52.99
Size Price
8×12 15.99
12×16 18.99
18×24 22.99
20×24 23.99
30×40 70.99
32×48 85.99
36×48 120.99
40×50 128.99
40×60 139.99
Size Price
8×16 28.99
10×20 31.99
12×24 33.99
16×32 40.99
20×40 47.99
24×48 110.99
30×60 193.99
Size Price
8×20 30.99
10×25 34.99
12×30 37.99
16×40 44.99
20×50 103.99
24×60 129.99
30×75 216.99
Size Price
8×24 33.99
10×30 35.99
12×36 38.99
16×48 62.99
20×60 115.99
24×72 190.99
Size Price
15×60 100.99
20×80 181.99

Canada’s #1 Source for Rolled Canvas Prints

Get the Best Quality & Value for your Canvas Photo Art

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Find out more about our Rolled Canvas Prints

Can I buy the hanging hardware from you?2021-03-04T19:26:41-05:00
Hanging hardware along with the other components used to make stretched canvas prints are not available on our website for purchase. However, if you need to purchase these, please feel free to contact us
Can I Add Text to my Rolled Print?2021-03-04T19:30:19-05:00
Our online design tool allows you to add stylized text to your photos in numerous font styles, colours, and sizes on your rolled canvas prints.
Is the canvas printing done in Canada?2021-03-04T19:31:15-05:00
All our canvas photo prints are printed here in Canada at our facility.
Do you use Giclée Printing to Print Photos on Canvas?2021-03-04T19:32:10-05:00
Our canvas prints are printed using a giclee process on our fleet of large format CMYK inkjet printers using fade resistant, archival inks and substrates.  We digitally reproduce your photography and artwork into some of the best fine art giclee prints in Canada while preserving the luminosity and brilliance of the original images.  
Are rolled prints the same as stretched canvas prints?2021-03-04T19:32:45-05:00
When you order a gallery wrapped custom canvas print it is hand-stretched onto our premium quality wooden frames. The canvas photo is professionally wrapped and stapled around the frame, so it is ready to hang on your wall. When you order a rolled or un-stretched canvas print, we send you the canvas photo print in a rolled format so you can stretch and frame it on your own.
What if I change my mind and I want you to stretch my Canvas Photo instead?2021-03-04T19:33:54-05:00
If your rolled canvas print order has been produced “but not shipped yet” and you contact us in time. We can make the necessary adjustments to your order and have it stretched for an additional service fee.
How do I clean my Prints?2021-03-04T19:35:05-05:00
Occasional dusting of your canvas photos is recommended to prevent debris build-up and keep them looking great for many years to come. We recommend gently wiping and dusting your photo prints using a clean and dry, microfiber cloth or Swiffer duster.
Where should I hang my Canvas Photos?2021-03-04T19:35:56-05:00
Our canvas photo prints are built to last an extraordinarily long time when used under normal conditions.  To maximize the longevity of your prints we recommend the following:
  • Do not hang in direct sunlight. Even though it has UV protection, the prints will fade or discolour over time from the UV rays
  • Avoid positioning over or near air ducts. Our canvas prints are made from natural components and will contract or expand with temperature and RH fluctuations
  • Avoid humid environments as this could affect stretch tension of your print over time 
Can I order a custom rolled print sizes?2021-03-04T19:38:49-05:00
We offer a huge selection of popular photo print sizes available on our website, but if you require a custom print size we can definitely do this for you. Please contact us to discuss your sizing requirements.
Can I add custom border colours and sizes?2021-03-04T19:39:54-05:00
We offer many different border colorization options on our website, but we can print any border colour or size you like as well. Please contact us [link to contact page]to discuss your print border requirements.

Other Popular Custom Canvas Printing Options

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