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Acrylic Prints

Ultra Vivid Photo Prints on high polished Acrylic

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Stunning Quality & Depth with Acrylic Prints

Canvas n’ Décor Acrylic Prints take your custom printed wall art to entirely different level. 

Your image is printed direct to 99.9% optically clear acrylic glass (up to 3/8” thick) using state of the art UV flatbed print technology. We finish each acrylic photo with a non-translucent white backing and highly polished edges.

Acrylic prints transform your favourite digital photo into luxurious high-definition prints unlike no other. These sleek prints will capture everyone’s attention with its luminous colours, stunning depth and crisp detail. 

Printing photos on acrylic is a classy option for showcasing your life’s greatest moments and a great décor accessory for any home or commercial space.

We make some of the best acrylic prints in Canada at discounted prices. Let us help you create your masterpiece!

  • Sizes: Several sizes ranging from 8” x 8” to large 40” x 60”
  • Finish: HD High Gloss
  • Material: 1/8”, 3/16” & 3/8” Acrylic
  • Production Time: 7 – 10 Business days on average
Custom acrylic photo print with chrome stand-offs printed by Canvas n Decor Canada

More Benefits of Acrylic Prints

  • Fade Resistant

    Our metal wall displays are designed to last a lifetime.
    They will not yellow over time and will withstand harsh environmental changes.

  • Contemporary Design

    Acrylic photo printing outputs high-end, modern photo art for your wall space. They look fabulous regardless of how they are mounted, may it be framed, frameless or with chrome wall stand-offs.

  • Easy to Clean

    Acrylic photo panels are waterproof, so cleaning and disinfecting them are easy.

    They can be cleaned with soap and water along with non-abrasive cloth to maintain it’s brilliant shine.

  • Easy to Install

    Our acrylic prints come ready to hang when you receive them. 

    Their durability and handling make wall mounting quite easy. 

  • Vibrant Colors

    Acrylic printing provides unparalleled colour and vibrancy.

    Text and photography look more captivating when printed on acrylic.

  • Photorealistic Quality

    Custom acrylic prints accurately produce true to life colours of photography. The optical clarity and thickness of the acrylic provides the best 3D depth perception.

Hanging your Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic photo print with no hanging hardware

Acrylic Only

No hanging hardware included

Acrylic prints with floater frame hanger

Float Mount

Your acrylic print is mounted flat against the wall without a frame

Photo on acrylic with chrome stand-off

Chrome Stand-Offs

Acrylic panels are mounted to wall with stylish chrome stand-offs.

Acrylic Thickness

Photo printed on 1/4 inch acrylic glass made by Canvas n Decor Canada

1/4” Acrylic – Superb Optical Depth

Our acrylic is lightweight, rigid and very popular for photo art displays.

We use 1/4 inch thick acrylic photo panels to provide maximum depth perception, so your images look exceptional and more photorealistic.

Customizing your Acrylic Prints 

We have made it easy for you to create an eye-catching custom acrylic print. Our designer enables you to personalize your acrylic wall art so that it compliments any decor style.

We make the best custom acrylic photos prints in Canada at discounted prices.

 Custom Acrylic Photo Editing Features

  • Stunning photorealistic previews
  • Photo effects
  • Border & frame effects
  • Add clip art & backgrounds
  • Accurate crop & image resizing
  • Custom text & unlimited fonts
  • Custom photo layouts
  • Photo collage builder
    and so much more!

Acrylic Print Sizes & Prices

Size Price
8×8 $41.99
12×12 $63.99
16×16 $93.99
20×20 $132.99
24×24 $180.99
36×36 $375.99
40×40 $457.99
Size Price
8×10 $46.99
11×14 $66.99
12×18 $82.99
16×20 $111.99
16×24 $128.99
20×30 $186.99
24×36 $258.99
28×40 $327.99
Size Price
8×12 $50.99
12×16 $76.99
20×24 $154.99
30×40 $349.99
30×45 $389.99
36×48 $492.99
40×50 $612.99
40×60 $720.99
Size Price
12×24 $102.99
24×48 $336.99
Size Price
12×30 $121.99
16×30 $158.99
12×36 $141.99
16×36 $175.99
12×48 $225.99
16×48 $232.99
30×48 $420.99

Canada’s #1 Source for Acrylic Prints

High Quality Acrylic Printing

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Find out more about our Acrylic Prints

Are Acrylic Prints better than Metal?2021-03-05T16:09:05-05:00
Comparing acrylic and metal prints are two very distinct products as they are made from entirely different materials and have varying characteristics.  Acrylic prints have more of a luxurious appeal, extremely vibrant, and better for displaying high-definition artwork and photography than metal. Metal prints give your décor that metallic appeal and are great for displaying high-definition artwork and photography.
Can I add Text to my Photos?2021-03-05T16:09:30-05:00
Our online design tool allows you to add stylized text in numerous font styles, colours, and sizes to your acrylic photo prints.
Is the Acrylic printing done in Canada?2021-03-05T16:10:15-05:00
All our prints on acrylic and finishing are done here in Canada at our facility.
If I hang my Acrylic Photos outside, will it get damaged?2021-03-05T16:10:43-05:00
If situated outside for an extended amount of time your prints could get damaged from moisture and varying climate conditions.  We recommend displaying them long term indoor and short-term outdoor.  
How do I clean my Prints?2021-03-05T16:11:14-05:00
To keep your wood prints looking great all the time.  We recommend the following: Wiping: Use a clean and dry, microfiber cloth. Dusting: Gently dust away debris with a Swiffer wand.
Can I order custom print sizes for my Acrylic pictures?2021-03-05T19:01:07-05:00
Your acrylic photos can be made in custom sizes. Please contact us to discuss your print requirements.
Can I order thicker Acrylic panels?2021-03-05T16:14:06-05:00
Our standard acrylic panel thickness is 1/4 inch. This thickness provides great rigidity and visual depth for most photography. Thicker versions are available as a custom order.

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