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Wood Photo Prints

Printing photos on wood create stunning vintage-like wall art decor

Enhance your Decor & Empty Wall Spaces with Attractive Maple Wood Photo Prints

The wood grain and other characteristics of the print on wood show through the lighter areas of the image to produce a natural warm tone and vintage feel. We can also print a white ink underlay on the wood to make the true colours of your image pop. Both of these options allow the beautiful wood texture to show on the surface of your print. Printing images on wood produces unique results: no two prints will look precisely alike.

Maple wood prints are printed directly onto a 1/2" thick maple surfaced wood board for a warm and natural-looking print that is also eco-friendly.

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3 photos in various sizes printed onto maple wood to create HD photo wood prints
Portrait of beautiful woman printed on maple wood panel with natural wood finish

Make a Statement with Premium Quality Vintage Wood Prints

The grain and other natural characteristics of the wood shows through the light and white areas of the image for a natural warm tone and vintage feel.

Pictures in Wood

Want the vintage look without paying the price? Turn your precious memories into timeless pieces of art by printing them on wood canvas. Printing pictures in wood creates a classic feel that gives your photographs an artful look that can’t be matched or mimicked by any other type of canvas. Immortalize your favourite wedding photo, family portrait, or vacation shot by printing on our gorgeous maple wood. Canvas & Décor is Canada’s number-one source of high-quality prints on wood at a great price. We guarantee your pictures in wood are of the most exceptional quality every time.

Get Creative with Print Border Options

Go full bleed with your image or choose to leave an unprinted border around your image for a natural frame that reveals the beauty of the wood canvas.

Available Border Size Options

4 inch

3 inch

2 inch

1 inch

1/2 inch

1/4 inch

No Border (Full Bleed)

prints on wood with different print margin options

Hanging Options

No frame or hanging wire required

wood print with keyhole hanger for hanging flat on walls


The keyhole is applied accordingly to the orientation of the photo on wood. Keyholes allow the prints on wood hang flat and securely against the wall.

Wood photo prints with metal standoffs


Standoffs are also positioned according to the orientation of the prints on wood and usually inset approximately 1.5 inches from the corner edge. This option provides a contemporary look and feel.


Canada's #1 Source for Wood Prints

High Quality Prints on Wood at a Discount for Canadians

Starting at $26.99 26.99

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wood photo print framed with black floater frame

Beautify your Pictures in Wood with Floater Frames


We offer canvas floater frames for every size of canvas print available.

Once you have uploaded your photo and selected your wood print size and finishing options you will have the option to choose from one of our Canadian canvas wood frame options.

They are available in two popular colors, black and white. Both floater frames are designed to match a wide variety of décor styles like contemporary, classic, and modern.

Our custom floater frames are perfect for all your special prints: weddings, graduations, proms, baby’s first steps, and other milestones. Order your photo prints on wood on floater frames for yourself or as a gift.


Customize Your Wood Prints with Ease

Customizing your prints on wood online using our new online photo editor is very simple and easy to do in just a few clicks. Our tool functions as a lite version of Adobe Photoshop, giving you the power to have complete control over the appearance of your wood photo prints.


Custom Wood Photo Editing Features

  • Apply Color fixes and enhancements
  • Large selection of stylish photo effects
  • Custom border/frame effects
  • Collection of clip art stickers
  • Crop unwanted sections of your photo
  • Proportional image resizing
  • Rotate and mirror effects
  • Focus Blur tool
  • Adjust Brightness and Contrast
  • Freehand Drawing and add Custom Text
  • Adjust Color Saturation and Warmth
  • Easily remove Red Eyes
  • Whitening tool
  • Blemish tool
wood photo print with custom text

Wood Photo Requirements, Aspect Ratio & Colour Profiling


Checking your Image Quality

When you upload your photos through our online image uploader, the built-in photo processor utilizes a quality score check mechanism which compares the resolution of your digital photo and chosen print size. If the image resolution is low, a notification will immediately appear. In such cases we highly recommend that you choose a smaller print size.

When an a smaller size is chosen and the “low resolution” notification disappears, our system considers your image to be of adequate quality for the chosen print size. In the event that we do receive an image that does not meet our high quality standards, our customer care team will contact you to get obtain a higher resolution copy or alternative image prior to proceeding to production.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us.


What is the maximum file size I should upload?

You can upload files up to 512 MB. Yes that’s huge! Basically, even if each of your photos were 120 megapixels you still would have lots of space per upload. Before uploading verifying that you are indeed uploading a JPEG as your transfer time will be shortened greatly. If you are transferring a large TIFF file, please be aware that transfer times are dependent on your internet connection speed, so it could a little while to complete uploading.

If you have encounter difficulties uploading your photos, please contact us for assistance.


Aspect Ratios and how it affects your photo cropping

When we look at photograph’s aspect ratio, we are comparing the width value to the height. So if we were measuring a 4 x 6 image, the aspect ratio would be 3:2 because longest side is 1.5 times as long as the short side.

Now let’s say you wanted this printed in an 8 x 10 format. This could be done but the photo would have to be cropped because there is an aspect ratio mismatch. Remember a 4 x6 has a ratio of 3:2 and an 8 x 10 has 5:4. To avoid any form of cropping you would have to change the print size to an 8 x 12 which has the same aspect ratio if 3:2.

Which file types should I upload?

Our online image processor and design tool accepts JPEG, TIFF & PNG file types tool however, we highly prefer JPEG as it provides you the best real-time proofing experience. We designed our image processor around this file type because the majority of digital cameras and smartphones capture and save photography in this same file format. JPEG are excellent produce superb print results, minimize file transfer time and also embed your desired ICC color profiling.


Color Space & ICC Color Profiles

Our photo printing is done using the RGB colour space. Please ensure that you upload images in the RGB colour space with an RGB colour profile otherwise colour shifting can occur. We accept all of the popular RGB colour profiles, to list a few: sRGB IEC61966-2.1, Adobe 1998 RGB, ProPhoto RGB, etc…

For B/W or greyscale photos as we generally recommend you convert them to the Greyscale colour space.


Aspect Ratio Guide

Ratio 1:1

Example: 10 x 10

Ratio 3:4

Digital Camera
Example: 12 x 16

Ratio 2:3

dSLR Digital Camera
Example: 16 x 24


Ratio 1:2

Double Width
Example: 10 x 20

Ratio 1:3

Narrow Panoramic
Example: 16 x 48

Ratio 1:4

Wide Panoramic
Example: 18 x 72

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Wood Printing Production & Shipping Turnaround Time


Where does Canvas n Decor ship to?

We ship our products with UPS to virtually anywhere across Canada


How long does it take to get my photos printed on wood?

Canvas n Decor Wood Prints are all custom-made from scratch and does require adequate time to produce a high quality product. With that said though, our turnaround times are pretty fast.

Our standard average production turnaround time is 5-7 business days however, during special holiday periods these timelines could vary slightly.


What are your shipping costs?

Local Pickup (London, Ontario) – Free

Canada-wide Ground Shipping – Free for orders over $75

Rural Deliveries - United Parcel Service (UPS) applies a surcharge to deliver to rural regions. If this surcharge is applicable to your order, you will be prompted with the appropriate surcharge fee during checkout.

What happens if my Wood Print gets damaged during shipping?

When packaging your orders, your wood prints are always protected with either bubble wrap or shrink wrap and corner protectors. They are meticulously packaged inside tough packaging to ensure safe delivery. However, accidents do happen and if your package is damaged during transport, know that it is insured and that we will replace it at no charge.


How long does it take to print bulk photo orders on wood?

On average Canvas n’ Decor Wood Prints take approximately 5-7 business days to produce and be ready to ship. For larger quantity orders the turnaround time required may require a few extra days.


How long does it take to get my wood prints order delivered?

Once your order has been shipped, you will be provided with a tracking number. The shipping transit times vary depending on which part of Canada the package is shipping to. Most major Canadian cities usually receive their packages within 2-3 business days. Toronto area orders are next business day. Free Local London pickup is another option. For more detailed information about shipping transit times, please visit our Production & Shipping page

Benefits of Printing on Wood

Immortalize your favourite photograph or artwork by printing on premium maple wood from Canvas n’ Décor. This abundant and eco-friendly wood grain provides texture and warmth to your photograph, instantly giving it an attractive vintage feel. Printing on maple wood adds a stunning statement to your home décor while giving you the chance to let your creativity shine. Choose your own border size, frame, and hanging style, and take advantage of our online photo tool to get the effect you want. A print on wood provides the superior vintage look without the high price tag. Canvas n’ Décor is Canada’s favourite and most affordable online photo canvas printer. Order your wood print today.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about our Canvas Prints


What is canvas printing and why has it become so popular?

Printing on canvas means we take your digital photo and print it directly onto canvas. The canvas we print your photos on is similar to what is used by artists only ours features an specially formulated inkjet coating which we apply at our facility so that our archival inks adhere to the canvas. Once your canvas photo print has been created the only difference between this and an oil painting is that we used a digital form to create your art piece. The combination of our state of the art inkjet printers and high quality digital photos, they produce exceptional decorative Photo Canvas Prints for your wall space.


Reasons why Canvas n’ Décor should print my photo on canvas?

Canada has only one company that knows how to print photos on canvas correctly and it us, Canvas n’ Décor. There are many other canvas shops online that will bait you with significant Canvas Discounts and with weekly Canvas on Sale email promotions but their service and product quality is far below industry standards. Canvas n’ Décor sets the bar high and we can confidently say both our product quality and customer service is unmatched.

We take pride in our canvas printing and treat each canvas photo print as our own. Quite simply, we produce only the best Canvas Prints in Canada, which is what we are known for. See how the other print shops compare to us.


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