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Hello and welcome to Canvas n’ Decor – we’re so happy you’re here! Established in 2005, we’re a family-run Canadian business based in London, Ontario that was founded on love – for art and home decor, for our family and for our customers.

After many years supplying the retail market and many reputable clients we launched our online shop in 2013 to great success.

The secret to our success? We hold true to our commitment of producing the highest quality photo art, crafted here in Canada using ethically-sourced materials, so our clients can transform their homes with showstopping artwork (that doesn’t break the bank)!


At Canvas n’ Decor, we believe that art is more than just something attractive for your walls.


It’s a reflection of your personal style. A way to commemorate your family’s special moments. It evokes emotion. It adds colour and texture.

When chosen thoughtfully, the right piece of art can transform an entire room – and that’s how we see ourselves: in the business of helping you, our cherished customers, transform your homes and businesses through beauty.

From professional artists who entrust us to print their one-of-a-kind fine art to Fathers and Mothers creating something special for their newborns’ nurseries, each piece we create is a treasure.

We believe that something of such importance should be made with care here at home using the best possible products.

We think it goes without saying that artwork in mass production is different than artwork found in galleries – and we produce the later. Quality is at the forefront of everything we do, from the North American-sourced products we use to our team’s meticulous preparation of your artwork.

We meticulously monitor all aspects of our printing process, down to every stretch and fold, and take great pride in being Canadian owned and operated.

When you receive a piece of our art, you can feel good knowing it was made by hand in Ontario by our talented staff.

We believe you work hard for your money and want to ensure you get value for it.

If you’ve been looking around at other online canvas stores, you’ll know that our prices are competitive with other retailers. But when it comes to the level of quality that you’ll receive – we’re unrivalled.

If you’ve purchased our artwork before or have admired a piece owned by a friend, our quality is undeniable.

Our frames are sturdier. Our ink is archival quality. Each piece is made and hand-stretched meticulously. Your artwork is more clear, detailed and vivid.

If held next to our competitors, you can literally see the difference that purchasing our Canadian products makes… and since artwork is made to be looked at, choosing Canvas n’ Decor is the clear choice!


Creating art is our passion and we share that same love for our community and country. That’s why we’re honoured to be able to give back to close charities to our hearts.

When you buy from us you are not only supporting a Canadian business but also helping those in much great need.



We love to connect with our clients! Let’s get social on InstagramFacebookPinterest and Twitter – we’d love to see how our pieces look in your home or business.

Thank you for choosing Canvas n’ Decor to bring your art to life!

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