Custom Canvas Ideas for your Wall Spaces

Custom canvas ideas are an easy and engaging way to transform any wall space, adding your personality and giving each room its own look. From statement art prints with intricate details, to photographs that capture nature or urban scenes – custom canvas products offer a stylish way to make an impactful statement about who you are in your decor. In this blog post we explore all available custom canvas printing options so you can find that one piece that gives your wall spaces its wow factor!


Standard custom canvas photo prints offer a fashionable way to display your favorite photos in any space. Unlike traditional prints, canvas prints are printed directly onto thick canvas material stretched over a frame, giving the print three-dimensional qualities and adding depth and dimension to its images. Size options for canvas photo prints range from 8″x10″ up to 40″x60″, depending on what fits best with the wall space being decorated.

Canvas prints allow designers to be more expressive when decorating walls as they can be modified using various techniques for truly original effects. Canvas printing services make it possible to transform any photograph into art using digital editing by adding filters, textures and other artwork elements that enhance its overall look. Furthermore, prints may come printed with blank edges or color edges for extra dimension when displayed on walls.

Custom canvas photo prints typically utilize high quality acid free ink for maximum longevity and to prevent fading over time. Canvas material provides superior durability compared to paper based prints in particular environments due to being better at accommodating temperature variations – perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings! Furthermore, unlike paper-based photos which must first be framed before hanging them up on walls, stretched canvases arrive pre-stretched and ready to hang straight away – making installation faster and simpler than with traditional frames!


Split canvases offer an eye-catching way to add character and color to any wall space. This custom canvas art printing option involves breaking one large photograph down into multiple panels that are then arranged side by side or staggered for a unique split scene that works both residential and commercially. Once printed onto canvas material, this image is divided up and stretched over its respective wooden frames before finally being mounted to a wall space.

Split canvases come in various sizes to meet the decor requirements of different wall spaces, ranging from 12″x12″ up to 30″x40″. Each split canvas features 1.5 inches of blank white canvas between panels for an attractive border line that enhances its overall effect. Split canvases can even feature unique elements like color edges or mirror images to meet individual preferences.


Custom wall displays are an exciting and creative way to add an eye-catching element to any room or outdoor space. Printed onto canvas material, wall displays can then be divided up into multiple framed pieces which can be arranged flexibly depending on desired effect – this allows one photo to become an entire work of art!

Custom wall displays for decorating offer you maximum versatility, as these pieces can consist of anywhere between one and nine panels. This makes it simple to fit even large or odd-shaped walls seamlessly; custom wall displays can easily wrap around edges and curves for optimal effects.

Printing with high-quality UV light-resistant ink ensures vibrant colors remain vivid even under direct sunlight or artificial lighting conditions, making custom wall displays perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. When it comes to design, custom wall displays allow plenty of creative expression as you can incorporate filters, textures and other artwork elements that enhance their overall appearance into their creation.

Custom wall displays offer an effortless way to add flair to any decor. Not only are they an eye-catching way to display photos, but their three-dimensional quality adds depth and dimension. Furthermore, installation takes less than 20 minutes, meaning anyone can have their customized art piece up on their walls right away!


Rolled canvas prints provide an easy, cost-effective and timesaving way to quickly achieve the ideal look in your home or office. Each roll is printed onto one high-quality artist canvas that’s then rolled up into a tube before shipping directly to you – making storage and transport simple, as well as being more cost-efficient than buying separate frames separately.

Rolled canvas prints make it easy and effortless to stretch artwork over frames quickly without professional help, using just basic tools such as scissors, utility knife, staples or tacks and stapler. First you will need to cut the canvas according to frame dimensions that you purchased; making sure that edges are even. Once this step is completed you need to place it over top of the frame and tauten before stapling or nailing in place – then trim any excess material from around edges using scissors before finally trimming off excess material with scissors for hanging!

Roll canvases are not only affordable and easy to install, they also feature vibrant colors that won’t fade over time. Plus, with no glass covering them like traditional framed artwork does, more light enters your room while simultaneously creating greater depth perception when viewed close up.


Canvas N Decor’s budget friendly Custom Canvas Prints make your cherished memories into stunning wall art without breaking the bank! Display your pictures without breaking the bank with us today.

Our Affordable Custom Canvas Prints are printed using high-quality inks that are water and UV light resistant, guaranteeing vivid colors even after years of exposure to direct sunlight or artificial lighting. In addition, the canvas material used is constructed from premium polycotton blend material for long lasting durability so you can continue enjoying your artwork for many years to come.

Cheap Custom Canvas Prints offer many advantages, one being their wide range of sizes for maximum wall space coverage and aesthetic preference. Additionally, each print includes a free hanging kit to make installation a seamless process for anyone.

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